Glad to be single
A poem by Carol Dorman (copyright 2004)

I'm glad to be single and there's no denying
the joy of no debts and no strings and no trying
to contrive a way to avoid looking desperate
as I offer him love and yet never expect it.

I'm glad to be single and it's a sure fact
that my life is so full, I've no room for a cat
lest my time be diverted from service and love
given freely to others, storing treasures above.

I'm glad to be single and used by the Lord
single minded to follow his excellent word
I could live for myself, for my kids or my man
but to this I was called and by this I shall stand.

I'm glad to be single and I'm ready to go
to the ends of the earth in the sun or the snow
with a backpack or suitcase in a plane or a car
to encourage God's people wherever they are.

I'm glad to be single in spite of wed women
whose misguided pity so often will lead them
to infer that mine is so sad a condition
and presume I am faking this joy that I live in.

I'm glad to be single and please understand
that my love is for God (not my lust for a man)
and the lessons I've learned in these years of aloneness
have strengthened my faith unto patience and wholeness.

Are you glad you are married? Did you wait or rush in?
Do you wish you were single, starting over again?
Is your prince less than royal and your castle a barn?
Has your dream expectation lost it's fairy tale charm?

Be content where you are and be glad you are married
for upon that sad day when your prince you have burried
you will see with new eyes how our Lord can sustain
every single who loves Him and honors his name.

I'm glad to be single, just like my sweet Jesus
who lived and who died and who rose up to teach us
that singles and marrieds must walk humbly by
until He calls us home to our place in the sky.




Provocation from the author:

On Getting Dates

Being glad that I'm single isn't the same as rejecting marriage. No, being glad to be single is about recognizing that God knows and does best - if we let Him. Many women simply have too much ambition or capability or creativity and God wants to bless the whole neighborhood or church with it. A married woman could never spend her energies so broadly with a husband and kids to manage. Those women are powerful singles and God knows how to best use them for his glory. There are also single women who disobeyed scripture in a variety of ways and times making their singleness a slightly different matter. Nevertheless, every single woman who gives her life to Jesus without holding anything back will be blessed - regardless of her checkered past. I'm a witness to this truth.

I have met many single men of various ages and a majority of them need a helpmeet...a Eve. They also all need a go-between to introduce them to nice women. Each conversation you have with a man leads him closer to being and meeting the right lady. Dating isn't just about you - you could discover your best friend's future husband on a blind date, so don't be shy! Meet people! It should be fun, educational and non-committal. Play nice.

However, if your romantic dreams were shattered in your 20s and your heart is growing bitter in your lonliness and you're sure there are nothing but twisted, broken, flabby or inflexible men left in the world - Here is a version of my poem that might provoke you to action...or just anger. Your choice.

Glad I'm not Married
(copyright 2014)

I'm glad to be single and grumpy and fat
Nothing's my fault (you can ask my 12th cat).
I've accepted myself and think change would be wrong
I've read all the books and I've sung every song.

I'm glad to be single in spite of the stories
from widows with lifetimes of love's tender glories.
I've achieved fame and fortune (in my own little way)
and I don't care to share it or trade it away.

I'm glad to be single and a victim of fate
I've got truckloads of baggage and a piled-high plate.
I could never abandon these things at the cross
They define me, you see - not the gold but the dross

I'm glad I'm not married and I'll always be free
to lock up my heart in the coffin of "me".
When the last lonely guy dares to knock on the lid
I will grouse "Go away!" And that's just what he did.



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