The 22 Stars of 20th Century Fox Pictures

This poster is a lithograph copy from one of 14 signed originals. 100 copies of each were made resulting in a total of 1400 lithographs in existence. The signing event was held at Loyola Marymount University to commemorate the retirement of the Fox Cinemascope Logo which was used from 1953 - 1981. I've had this poster since 1988.
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Anthony  Quinn
Stewart Granger
Richard Egan
Anthony  Quinn
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Jane WithersAnthony  QuinnJeanne CrainSheree North
Signed Fox Cinemascope Logo

Jean PetersDon AmecheTom EwellLloyd Nolan
Don AmecheDon Ameche

Terry Moore
Corinne Calvet
Cesar Romero
Dean Jagger
Anthony  Quinn
Joan Collins
Ernest Borgnine